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Sofiac's support of personal, professional and workforce development is unprecedented. For over a decade we have sponsored training and educational programs aimed at developing the skills and acumen of junior professional systems engineers and software developers. Mentorship is part of our corporate DNA.

Over the years, Sofiac has developed it corporate culture around the principles of Cultivation. We have a strong bond with Exerceo (www.exerceo.org) and are a Sustaining Sponsor of its IT/Cyber programs. Sofiac's Incubator Group is an offshoot of these programs, in fact it is a direct pathway to employment (in the form of an internship) at Sofiac or any of the other partner organizations following completion of the Exerceo's programs.

The opportunity is unique for the participant and the company looking for lower-cost solutions to usually less critical and time-sensitive projects. In your own "Incubator" you can:

  1. Develop your own solutions
  2. Develop new talent
  3. Get important but low-priority projects completed
  4. More effectively manage resources

Call today to speak with a Solutions Manager about how an Incubator Solution can help manage resources and get solutions to your resource-deprived projects fast.

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