Our Mission

Sofiac Mission: Cultivating Success through value, solutions, innovation, and trusted relationships

Sofiac, Inc. is a technology services company. We pride ourselves on being passionate about technology and how it can change and improve not only our clients' businesses but also those who create technology and use it to experience life. We make it our mission to develop a sustainable business that continually gives back to the community by sharing our time and knowledge with others throughout the industry as well as education and workforce development communities.

As a technology services provider, our goal is to be thought of as an IT partner. With each of our clients, we approach technology and business challenges as if their business was our own. We focus firstly on a solution's effectiveness in reaching a goal and then on other business-factors such as total cost of ownership (TCO) considering heavily the ongoing costs of maintenance and licensing.

Sofiac has been heavily involved in the open source community for the past ten years, way before it was the cool thing to do. Open source solutions often serve as a great starting point to build upon while providing solutions to our customers. Similarly, Sofiac believes in using existing commercial products or hardware if it can contribute to a similar cost-effective long lasting solution. When existing technology does not exist, or cost or propriety warrants in-house solutions, we can custom build a solution from scratch.

Our competencies in applying technology to solve real business problems is a large part of who we are as an organization building lasting relationships with our clients. But we also make it a priority to build relationships with the people that make it all happen and take great pride in the years of contributions we have made to the success of many others working in the IT field. It is our long-term belief that a health IT workforce in general will guarantee our sustainable long-term success.

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