Sofiac donates Working Groups to Exerceo

In 2007, Sofiac founder Brian Walsh began his labor of love to mentor young people in preparation not just for jobs in the IT field, but as fulfilled, productive members of the workforce and their communities. With years of dedication along the way from others who share Brian’s vision of a transformed society changed by extending relevant learning into an everyday lifestyle, Brian has been able to build a model and the mechanism that has allowed over 500 participants begin or continue more meaningful careers.

The model is known as Cultivation, and it is a 6-step process to identify and mentor workforce superstars. For years Sofiac practiced and refined Cultivation while preparing people of all ages for work in IT and software development. The company originally created “Working Groups” in system administration and software development, and later added a cybersecurity Working Group. The Working Groups became the vessel of sorts, the mechanism or “physical incubator” in which a nurturing environment, along with proper guidance and well-structured instruction cultivates excellence.

Together, the Working Groups and Cultivation, have become the basis of the Sofiac culture and mission to meaningfully give back to community. Though Sofiac attributes its success to its culture, the concepts of Cultivation have never been considered proprietary. In fact, Sofiac has been giving it away through partnerships with Workforce Investment Boards, educational institutions, and good old evangelism. Sofiac’s efforts have earned it, and founder Brian Walsh, recognition from Howard County, Maryland as recipient of the Friends of Education Award, and the State of Maryland as recipient of the Governor’s Service Award.

Today marks a major step in the success of Cultivation ability to reach others and their ability to positively impact the lives of others, extend relative learning into everyday lifestyle, and allow Cultivation to be a truly “open source” resource for everyone. Sofiac has pass guardianship of Cultivation and future use and direction of the movement to Exerceo, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization create to continue promoting, refining and helping organizations redefine how they approach workforce development. New initiatives will extend the mission to individuals and defining expectations of professional (and personal) development efforts.

Sofiac is very excited about the new possibilities for Exerceo and the opportunities a properly focused organization will have on the continued development of Cultivation and its ability to form meaningful partnerships with the business community. Sofiac and its team will offer significant support of the mission of Exerceo as a Sustaining Sponsor of Exerceo’s IT training programs. We are also excited about refocusing Sofiac’s resources and competencies back on providing our customers highly adaptable and effective IT solutions.


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