Sofiac provides support to Pawtricity Foundation

Sofiac has been engaged by The Pawtricity Foundation to establish and streamline the information technology solutions for their foundation and surrounding processes; some technologies used include HTML, CSS, JQuery, MariaDB, CentOS, PHP, Docker, Jenkins, Git, and more.

About The Pawtricity Foundation

The Pawtricity Foundation is a charitable 501c3 organization born from the love of pets and the belief that pets are family. Their signature program, Fifthpaw Forward™, creates cooperative, engaged, and healthy communities by empowering individuals and families to enhance their lives through education, engagement, and increased interpersonal communication.

Fifthpaw Forward TM

To achieve its vision of healthier and stronger communities, Fifthpaw Forward™ uses a pet-centric framework to transcend socioeconomic, cultural, ethnic, and religious constraints. The program provides participants with the opportunity to interact and connect with fellow residents on a meaningful and interpersonal level, creating a collaborative and interactive environment to spur social collaboration and build community engagement at the grassroots level.

For further program information please visit www.pawtricityfoundation.org. For additional inquiries, please contact Rachel Waddick, Executive Director: rwaddick@pawtricityfoundation.org.


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