Sofiac launches the Incubator

The beginning of 2017 is a momentous time for Sofiac as it marks the official launch of the Sofiac Incubator. Since 2007, Sofiac has given back to its community supporting training and mentorship programs in information technologies with thousands of dollars and volunteer man-hours conducting training for hundreds of inexperienced, as well as experienced, folks looking to start or continue careers in the IT field.

The reigns to these training programs, called “The Working Groups” because of their very hands-on practical activities that are used to teach software development, system administration and cybersecurity technologies, have been donated to a new non-profit organization Exerceo, which has the mission to extend relevant learning into everyday lifestyle. This restructuring will allow Sofiac to remain focused on its core competencies and extend its capabilities of solving IT challenges for its current and new customers. At the same time, under Exerceo’s leadership, The Working Groups will reach and positively affect more individuals and organizations than ever before through the partnerships Exerceo can form with like-minded organizations and funding sources.

One of the key understandings of The Working Groups’ success is the need to bring real-world opportunities and hands-on experience to the learning process. Sofiac successfully managed to give many, many participants this very experience by employing them or offering internships to work on specific client projects. With vigilant project management and expert guidance provided by Sofiac experienced, full-time employees, the Company has managed to provide participants invaluable experience and mentorship while solving real IT challenges for its clients often times much more economically than in the open market.

The Working Groups have proven a “win-win” for those learning the IT skills and clients looking to meet project budget constraints. It is precisely this relationship, business strategy and product offering Sofiac will refine and pursue moving forward. The Sofiac Incubator will resemble an apprenticeship program of sorts - it will not only be the internal program that mentors and develops our future IT superstars and conduit for continued support of The Working Groups, but it will become the partner program of other companies looking to reimage workforce development. And of course, we will continue to provide high quality solutions for our clients’ less critical and time-sensitive IT problems.

Come back next time for an in-depth whitepaper outlining how the Sofiac Incubator can help you develop and implement your next IT project.


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