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Sofiac is a passionate technology organization seeking to partner with growing hotel organizations to dominate their markets! Tired of working for technology. We put technology to work for your organization. Our goal is to fully integrate the technology systems to automate the day-to-day activities to free up the time of the operators to focus on expanding the business rather than maintaining!

First impressions make all the difference with hotels. They set the tone for a guest's overall experience and can determine the reputation of the hotel. That impression, however, often begins before a guest even arrives. It begins with the online booking experience.

With Sofiac solutions, running your hospitality business has never been easier. Sofiac offers a customizable, mobile and tablet ready, website capable of integrating with the major point of sale and back office software providers such as Agilysys, Bepoz, Hotelogix, RMS Hotel, and more. By choosing the Sofiac solution your rates, availability, locations, offerings, and more appear directly on your website while still being centrally managed by your point of sale and back office software. Reservations made through the website automatically are added to your point of sale and back office software.

Sofiac performs Global Distribution System (GDS) Integration with all major providers to increase your bookings.

Our software is designed to help fit your unique challenges as you expand the number of locations, franchises, or affiliate's. Let us help grow your business.

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Initial Site Setup
Social Media Integration
Integration with supported POS API
Stock Hotel Images
Google Analytics
Hotel Specific Content Management System (Website Updates)
Mobile/Tablet Ready
SSL/HTTPS Secure Setup
$25 extra per month $25 extra per month
$50 extra per month
Prepaid Reservations
Not Included $500/month with 24 month minimum contract $250/month
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Website and Service Monitoring
Individually Customized Pages/Forms
Within our CMS (Limited) Within our CMS (Limited)
Pay Per Click Ads (Google Adwords/Facebook Ads/Etc.)
Priced Separately Priced Separately Priced Separately
Customer Support
Best in the Industry Best in the Industry Best in the Industry
Customer Software Integration
On Request On Request On Request
Setup Fee
$1500 One Time Setup $1000 One Time Setup $0 Setup Fee
Monthly Cost
$250 $500 Inquire for Pricing
Basic Templates with Limited Customizations Advanced Templates with a Variety of Customizations Fully Customizable with the Largest Range of Options
Minimum Contract
12 Month Contract 12 Month Contract 36 Month Contract

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