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Sofiac donates Working Groups to Exerceo

In 2007, Sofiac founder Brian Walsh began his labor of love to mentor young people in preparation not just for jobs in the IT field, but as fulfilled, productive members of ... Read More

Sofiac provides support to Pawtricity Foundation

Sofiac has been engaged by The Pawtricity Foundation to establish and streamline the information technology solutions for their foundation and surrounding processes ... Read More

Sofiac launches the Incubator

The beginning of 2018 is a momentous time for Sofiac as it marks the official launch of the Sofiac Incubator. Since 2007, Sofiac given back to its community.. Read More
Organizing Key Configuration Points

Organizing Key Configuration Points

Highly configuration software thrives on centralized URI based key configuration points (KCPs) in combination with hierarchical configuration. Once these two techniques are implemented, the next biggest challenge is ... Read More
Tips for business owners to improve their search engine rankings

Tips For Business Owners to Improve Their Search Engine Rankings

First, have an idea of your current ranking; we suggest that you know where you are ranked now and have some statistics on your current website traffic. Google offers a free service called Google Anayltics... Read More
URI Driven Configuration

URI Driven Configuration

Automated Deployments empower teams to eliminate errors and streamline their builds, and Highly Configurable Software uses centralized URI based key configuration points (KCPs) to ensure maintainability after deployment. A URI based configuration point is ... Read More

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