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Sofiac donates Working Groups to Exerceo

In 2007, Sofiac founder Brian Walsh began his labor of love to mentor young people in preparation not just for jobs in the IT field, but as fulfilled, productive members of ... Read More

Sofiac provides support to Pawtricity Foundation

Sofiac has been engaged by The Pawtricity Foundation to establish and streamline the information technology solutions for their foundation and surrounding processes ... Read More

Sofiac launches the Incubator

The beginning of 2018 is a momentous time for Sofiac as it marks the official launch of the Sofiac Incubator. Since 2007, Sofiac given back to its community.. Read More
Definition of Key Configuration Points in Software

Definition of Key Configuration Points in Software

roperly identifying key configuration points is foundational to achieving the benefits of highly configurable software as outlined in the first article The Importance of Writing Highly Configurable Software. This article, Defining Key Configuration Points in Software, outlines ... Read More

The Importance of Writing Highly Configurable Software

Highly configurable software provides adaptable and flexible solutions to complex, real world problems for the ever changing information technology environment. It is the product of following established industry best practices while creating reusable code that is easy to configure, build, test, deploy, and maintain ...Read More

Fedora Upgrades

Deciding to upgrade or freshly install Fedora depends on if the date of release is close (within a couple of weeks) to the current date, as there is a higher likelihood of a successful installation. However...Read More

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