Fedora Upgrades

Deciding to upgrade or freshly install Fedora depends on if the date of release is close (within a couple of weeks) to the current date, as there is a higher likelihood of a successful installation. However... Read More

URI Driven Configuration

Highly configurable software uses centralized URI based key configuration points to dynamically configure applications at startup. A URI based configuration point is a key value pair where the key is the URI, and the value is the data returned. Highly configurable software calls for these URI based configuration points to be... Read More

Automated Deployments

In conjunction with our last article, Automated Builds, highly configurable software takes advantage of automated deployments... Read More

Automated Builds

Successful Highly Configurable Software projects use hierarchical properties in conjunction with key configuration points (KCPs) to produce a single set of deliverables for all environments, preferably using an... Read More

Hierarchical Properties

Hierarchical properties are a key differentiator of Highly Configurable Software. Hierarchical properties are the organization of minimal Key Configuration Points KCPs where the successive values override each other forming a tree structure... Read More

Definition of Key Configuration Points

Properly identifying key configuration points is foundational to achieving the benefits of highly configurable software as outlined in the first article Writing Highly Configurable Software. This article, Definition of Key Configuration Points, outlines ... Read More

The Importance of Writing Highly Configurable Software

Highly configurable software provides adaptable and flexible solutions to complex, real world problems for the ever changing information technology environment ... Read More

Suggested DNF Installs for Fedora Linux and Web Development

The following DNF installs are suggested for our Incubator web development team as a baseline. Read More

Tips for Getting Started with Unix

When using Unix we suggest installing Fedora Linux or CentOS. We suggest these two flavors of Linux over ones such a Ubuntu, Debian, openSUSE, Slackware, etc. because... Read More

Tips for Getting Started with Vi

Vim, otherwise known as Vi, is an editor on Unix based Operating Systems. It is important to be able to understand and use Vi because it is the only editor that you can be assured will be available to you on every Unix system... Read More

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