Sofiac provides solutions for our customers. In the ever increasing competitive environment

Sofiac Mission: Cultivating Success through value, solutions, innovation, and trusted relationships

First and foremost Sofiac provides solutions for our customers. In the ever increasing competitive environment, Sofiac works closely to provide the highest value per customer dollar spent resulting in trusted relationships with our customers. Now comes the how.

Sofiac looks at the total cost of ownership (TCO) for lifetime of a suggested solution to include maintenance and licensing costs when evaluating and suggesting solutions for our customers. Sofiac has been heavily involved in the open source community for the past ten years, way before it was the cool thing to do. Open source solutions often serve as a great starting point to build upon while providing solutions to our customers resulting in significant time and cost savings (note Sofiac donates back either time or financially to each open source product used). Similarly, Sofiac believes in using existing commercial products or hardware if it can contribute to a similar cost effective long lasting solution. Sofiac has a passion for technology and can custom build a solution from scratch if one is not available but often times even our custom solutions are built upon existing open source frameworks and libraries to achieve the best value for our customers. Sofiac uses this approach internally to run our company; thus, contributing toward our cost savings which we can pass on to our customers in value too.

Sofiac takes an innovative approach to finding and identifying top notch employees. Sofiac actually uses the Cultivation process combined with our free working groups to recruit and train our talented information technology professionals. To be honest, this approach is not for the faint at heart because it is extremely time and resource intense. However, the resulting candidates consistently outperform their industry equivalents. As a side benefit, our free working groups are also provided back to the community in an open source fashion to help the training and employ on average sixty unemployed professionals per year which our partner companies quickly hire. Feel free to contact us today at information@sofiac.us if you would like to become a partner company and sponsor a candidate.

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