Sofiac provides solutions for our customers. In the ever increasing competitive environment

Sofiac Mission: Cultivating Success through value, solutions, innovation, and trusted relationships

First and foremost, Sofiac provides solutions for our customers. In the ever-increasing competitive environment, Sofiac works closely to provide the highest value per customer dollar spent resulting in trusted relationships with our customers. Now comes the how.

Sofiac looks at the total cost of ownership (TCO) for a lifetime of a suggested solution to include maintenance and licensing costs when evaluating and suggesting solutions for our customers. Sofiac achieves this by utilizing existing commercial off-the-shelf solutions, open-source software, and our own in-house software to create a cost-effective long-lasting solution. Through this augmentation, of reuse, buy, and build Sofiac can pass our cost savings onto our customers.

Our Mission

Sofiac is a rental car focused technology services company. We pride ourselves on being passionate about technology and how it can change and improve not only our clients' businesses but also those ...

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